Mandela's Evil Past and Present

September 29, 2003

Mandela is thought of as a hero, held in high esteem. Most do not know about his past  and overlook the present. He was a terrorist thug who still espouses communist themes and openly allies himself with terrorist nations.

Terrorist Activities in the 1960s

In 1961 he was the founder of Umkhonto we Siswe ("Spear of the People"), the African National Congress' terrorist arm. His violent activities were indiscriminate and therefore terrorist.

In the 1960's and until today, he was and is a long standing Marxist. His African National Congress was (is) controlled by the Communist Party of South Africa, a committed Stalinist party.

He purposefully and maliciously planned deeds of violence and destruction in South Africa sparing no one including blacks in his quest for domination.

His allies were Moscow, the Communist parties of Algeria, China, Czechoslovakia, East Germany [GDR] and several others which gave him money, weapons, ammunition and military personnel to kill and cause terror.

He plotted to destroy a shopping center filled with women and children and was caught with enough explosives to outfit a small army.

Mandela was put on trial and found guilty of treason when it should have been murder.


He remained close to and had contact with regimes actively supporting terrorism - the former Soviet Union, Libya and Cuba.

Mandela's cell on Robben Island is not where he spent most of his time. He  lived in a house, not a cell,  that  was comfortable and luxurious especially when compared with the average citizen he was helping. His prison conditions were very good and was regularly visited by all sorts of monitors and others.

His wife Winnie was his proxy, committing atrocities including murder, bombings and other terrorist acts. He divorced her after her usefulness to him ended and he wanted to show a respectable face.

While he was imprisoned he had free access to a telephone and fax so he could maintain his control over ANC and its activities.

ANC activities included murders, bombings and assignations under Mandela's watch and control. They were barbaric, cowardly and targeted mainly blacks.

One especially barbaric punishment was called "necklacing" where a victim had a tire placed around their neck and at which point it was set on fire. The victim, usually black was left to scream in panic and pain, dying a horrible death.

After his imprisonment

Mandela was released in 1990 and he was elected as President in 1994, followed by Thabo Mbeki.

The ANC is still part of an alliance South African Communist Party and the Black super-union COSATU. Though the communists are a minority, they control the ANC.

He never condemn ANC's past acts of indiscriminate terrorism and has created an image of "freedom fighter" which sounds better than terrorist.

Once he left "jail" he moved into a very luxurious home in one of the richest suburbs of Johannesburg. However, he kept a little four-room house in Soweto and pretends to live there and uses it  for photo ops and interviews.

His legacy

South Africa is the world's most crime-ridden country. Black on black crimes are incessant and tragic.

The AIDs rate is one of the highest in the world and the government still refuses to recognize it as a treatable disease. Consequently  thousands have died.

South African vigilante groups filling the void left by an incompetent and violent police who have murdered thousands.

His affirmative action policies forced competent workers out of jobs. Mandela responded with "Good riddance"  when told 74 percent of the professionals, mostly white, were leaving because of his policies.

His efforts after leaving office

He defied U.N. Security Council sanctions by traveling to Libya in 1997 where he embraced terrorist dictator, Qadaffi as an ally.

He endorsed Qadaffi's refusal to surrender the suspects in the bombing of Pan Am 103 (in which 270 Americans were murdered); he called Qadaffi "my brother leader"; and said, "Those who say I should not be here are without morals. I am not going to join them in their lack of morality."

He visited Iran and Syria in 1999, and afterwards said "both Iran and Syria are interested in peace and stability in the region."

In 1999 he visited Israel and asked that Israel to retreat to the pre-1967 borders, saying Israel could safely do so since "No one has dared to attack you since the 1967 war." conveniently forgetting about the 1973 Yom Kippur invasion.

He has consistently maintained close ties to Arafat and the PLO, and supports their  terrorist war against Israel. He praised Arafat as his "comrade in arms."

He visited convicted terrorist Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi in a Scottish prison showing his support for a man who blew up Pan Am Flight 103, over Lockerbie. He also supports Megrahi's  efforts to be transferred to a Muslim country where he would be quickly released.

Before the 2003 Iraq War, he accused America of preparing a "holocaust" against Iraq and called the U.S. terrorist. He portrayed dictator Saddam Hussein as an innocent victim of American aggression.


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